MPA is a music publishing company, and we sell sheet music and folios for musicians of all skill levels and ages. The timeless sound of the Vitak-Elsnic collection is at the core of our music inventory.   Our library contains classic European styles – polkas, waltzes, marches, schottisches and more – available for every musical endeavor. Are you looking for something different for a high school or college band? Have a small community band? Do you play the keyboard or accordion? We’ve got music for you!


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Concert Band Polkas | Concert Band Waltzes | Concert Band Schottisches – The Ernie Broeniman Collection.  No man or woman has done more to bring traditional “old time” music to the present and future generations than Ernie Broeniman, founder and artistic director of Wisconsin’s famed “Dorf Kappelle.” Ernie has applied his decades of experience to create fresh arrangements for larger concert bands of a number of Vitak-Elsnic classics and some you may not have heard before.

Each individual chart comes with the following instrumentation:


Bb Clarinet 1, 2, 3

Bass Clarinet

Eb Alto Sax 1, 2

Bb Tenor Sax/Baritone TC

Eb Baritone Sax

Bb Trumpet 1, 2, 3

F Horn 1, 2

Trombone 1, 2, 3

Baritone BC



Full Conductor’s Score

Each chart is sold as an entire complete unit with all instrumentation and full score.

Small Band and Orchestra Music!

Charts: Polkas | Charts: Waltzes | Charts: Schottisches | Folio: Whoopee John Band Book | Folio: Little German Band Book | Folio: V-E Polka Book | Folio: Bohemian Dance Col. No.1 | Folio: Bohemian Dance Col. No.2 | Folio: International Polkas No.1 | Folio: International Polkas No.2 | Folio: Polish Dance Col. No.1 | Folio: Polish Dance Col. No.2 – These are the classics! We sell individual charts and folios containing hundreds of original arrangements from the Vitak-Elsnic collection.

Instrumentation for the individual charts includes:

Violin/Flute 1, 2

Bb Clarinets

Eb Alto Sax 1, 3

Bb Tenor Sax 2/Baritone TC

Bb Trumpets 1, 2



Piano Accompaniment


Some of these charts will also have additional guitar and/or tenor banjo parts available. Accordion solo selections can also be ordered separately for many of the same chart selections. Individual charts can only be ordered complete, not for select instrumentation.

Also note that although we do not have brass band arrangements available for instant download, we do have archived charts for a number of brass band selections of the same Vitak-Elsnic classics. Click here to review our brass band selections in archives.

Our best selling folios may be purchased through instant download. Unlike the individual charts, folio parts may be ordered separately. Instrumentation for each folio will vary slightly, but generally will match what is available for individual charts. Additionally, accordion parts are also available for some of the folios.

Note that we have additional charts and folios available through our archives selections. Click here to review our list of archived music.

Accordion Folios | Accordion Polkas | Accordion Waltzes | Accordion Schottisches | Accordion OtherWe have a wide selection of music – including folios and individual items of sheet music – for the solo accordionist. These selections also come with chords, providing versatility for the instrumentalist seeking to develop his or her own style of play. Much of the accordion solo sheet music and several charts are supplements to individual charts and folios for small band or orchestra.

Piano (Keyboard) Folios | Piano (Keyboard) Polkas | Piano (Keyboard) Waltzes | Piano (Keyboard) Schottisches | Piano (Keyboard) OtherMuch of the music that we sell for small bands and accordion is also available for piano solo. Our online selection is dwarfed by the amount of music we have in archives. Many of our individual piano solos in archives also have Czech or English-language vocals.


We have hundreds of charts and some folios that we have archived. In addition to band, accordion and piano charts, sheet music and folios, we have some specialty items available, from Polish Christmas carols to the Clarinet Polka for clarinet solo or duet. Click here to go to our selection of archived music.

Note: although we have an extensive archives, a small selection music on the archived inventory list may not be available. We will not charge a search fee in connection with a request for archived music unless we can locate the desired music.